Festival Day

Tropfest South East Asia Festival Night debuts on Saturday January 25, 2014 at the Esplanade, George Town-Penang, Malaysia!

Our festival is FREE to attend – join us for a celebration of storytelling and creativity – our highlight being a screening of our Finalists films selected from the Tropfest SEA short film competition.

Tropfest SEA Festival Night is a public, open-air event which includes a host of F&B facilities & music performances leading up to the film screening & awards presentation.  An event for everyone! AN EVENT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS!



PROGRAMME OUTLINE: (times estimated)

4.30 pm              Gates open for last minute registration.  (No charge but registration required; those who have completed pre-event registration get fast-track admission)

Soak in the atmosphere; eat & drink to your heart’s delight

5.30 pm               Music entertainment begins

7.30 pm               Film screening commences; followed by live judging & awards presentation

10.30 pm             End



Register TODAY to ensure admission and be eligible for lucky draw prize.

(details to be announced on our Facebook page!)
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A wide variety of food & drinks will be available at the venue.  One note though the venue is on public grounds so, unfortunately no alcoholic beverages allowed. (we know, that’s not the best news!)



The Esplanade is located right in the heart of George Town; easily accessible by both public or private transport:


A convenient means for most but make sure you know where to park! We know there are several public car parks in the vicinity but spaces could be limited so, plan your arrivals early!


You can hop on the Rapid Penang free shuttle bus from either Jetty or KOMTAR to reach our venue. Please call the Rapid Penang ICIS Hotline on 04-238 1313 or visit http://www.rapidpg.com.my for more info.

Download the Rapid Penang shuttle bus route map here.

Other Modes

  • Ferry it (from the mainland and just walk to the Esplanade)
  • Bike it
  • Taxi it



Download our festival map here.




  • White Shoes & The Couples Company
  • Paladin
  • Paperplane Pursuit



No formal wear please!  Tropfest is an open-air, lie or sit on the ground affair – stay casual and comfortable enough to enjoy!  Bring your picnic blankets/mats or floor cushions if you wish.  Chairs are available at designated enclosures – check with us to see how you can get admittance!  (We are working at making rentable seats available on site).


RAIN OR NO RAIN!  The event proceeds regardless although we will be praying for a dry breezy night.  Be prepared for a good night outdoors and if the sun or mosquitoes bother you, bring along what will protect you!


BE EARLY – this is no event to plan on being late!  We are planning for a crowd of 10,000 or more!  Gates open by 4.30 and we cannot guarantee admittance if the crowd spills over.



Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient!  There’s a whole load of attractions here including heritage, cultures, arts, food and much much more…. To obtain more information on sights to see etc, download Tourism Malaysia’s official Malaysia Trip Planner mobile app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – it’s free!

Being a part of Tropfest SEA will be one of the newest attractions Penang has to offer – do check with our hotel partners HERE or your local tour guides & hotel about how to get to this event.  We look forward to welcoming you!

Festival Countdown

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