Tropfest SEA 2014 Finalists

  • RICE – WINNER 2014


    DIRECTOR: Sothea Ines
    PRODUCER: Sothea Ines
    COUNTRY: Cambodia

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    SYNOPSIS: When a handful of rice determines life or death.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: inspired by the experience of making her first film, Ines wants to explore her creativity and passion by making different kinds of films. Sothea Ines never thought she would direct a film so early in her career. Born in 1989, she graduates this year with a Bachelor’s Degree in media management from the Department of Media and Communications of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Her career goal after graduation is, as with the majority of the students, to work as a press/communication officer at one of the numerous INGOs in Cambodia.



    DIRECTOR: Bradley Liew
    PRODUCER: Bianca Balbuena & Bradley Liew
    COUNTRY: Malaysia

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    SYNOPSIS: Little 4-year-old Juliet teaches her 30-year-old Aunty Sunshine how to break up with her boyfriend.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: He is a 2012 alumnus of the Asian Film Academy of the Busan International Film Festival and the 2013 NAFF Fantastic Film School of the Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. His short film ‘Sunrise’ was accepted into the Short Film Corner – Cannes Court Métrage at Festival du Cannes 2013.



    DIRECTOR: Supawit Buaket
    PRODUCER: Dr.Paisan Boonprakob
    COUNTRY: Thailand

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    SYNOPSIS: Love is no border.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: Supawit Buaket started to make short films since he was 16. He has received 4 short film awards in national class. He loves watching many kinds of films and is going to study filmmaking at university next year.



    DIRECTOR: Polen Ly
    PRODUCER: Polen Ly & Jimmy Henderson
    COUNTRY: Cambodia

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    SYNOPSIS: Life is like a duet: you need the right half to make a performance beautiful.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: His first short film ‘Day 360’ came out in 2012 with a public showing in Phnom Penh. In the same year, he continued to make his second short film ‘Iva’ making him become the first filmmaker to make a silent film in the cinematic history of Cambodia. There followed an intensive journey of filmmaking with 4 short films and 3 short documentaries resulting in him winning several awards and selection at film festivals in South East Asia, Europe, and America.



    DIRECTOR: Yihwen Chen
    PRODUCER: Lee Su May
    COUNTRY: Malaysia

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    SYNOPSIS: A woman invites an unusual guest for dinner.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: Wen’s harrowing short documentary about the baby dumping crimes in Malaysia made her the first and only female filmmaker to win the most prestigious local short film competition, BMW Shorties in 2010. Her films have won several local and international awards and have been screened in Hollywood, Singapore, Korea, California and Switzerland. Most recently, Wen has edited documentaries for The History Channel, The Crime and Investigation Channel and Mediacorp Singapore.



    DIRECTOR: Ezequiel Paolinelli
    PRODUCER: Ezequiel Paolinelli
    COUNTRY: Malaysia

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    SYNOPSIS: Isolated from the outside world, John turns to drawing to overcome his loneliness.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: Since primary school, Ezequiel has been passionate about writing and creating stories. At the age of 19, he began writing his first novel which, due to his interest in film, became a feature film screenplay. At 22, two of his short stories were published after participating in a writing course for a year. Ezequiel’s love for film has always been prevalent, but he never had the opportunity to pursue this passion. Tropfest is his first attempt at directing a short film.



    DIRECTOR: Sean Kook
    PRODUCER: Sean Kook
    COUNTRY: Malaysia

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    SYNOPSIS: She just don’t waste it.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: Graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design at Dasein Academy of Art . He is now working as professional wedding photographer & videographer. His interest in film is to express his ideas and imagination, and he aspires to bring honor to his country someday. Sean also loves acting.



    CO-DIRECTORS: Tan Chee Meng & Charlotte Lam
    COUNTRY: Malaysia

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    SYNOPSIS: A young Muslim girl is raped and finds solace in an orphan girl.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: Tan Chee Meng and Charlotte Lam have worked together on several TVCs and viral video projects. One of which has won two awards at the Kancil Awards – Malaysia’s most prestigious advertising awards competition. Charlotte is an advertising copywriter who grew up watching the late Yasmin Ahmad’s commercials and have since been inspired to make films. Tan Chee Meng has shot music videos for several notable Malaysian artistes such as Faizal Tahir and DJ Fuzz. He has also won a music award for his song in Tamil.



    DIRECTOR: Chan Kean Wah (黑猫)
    PRODUCER: CJ Lee Cheng Jen
    COUNTRY: Malaysia

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    SYNOPSIS: In an abnormal system, we need an abnormal solution

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: ”Black Cat” has loved movies since he was a kid. That triggered his passion and dreams to film his own movies despite knowing it will be a long journey. He has taken part in all sorts of filming activities and jobs to expose himself to learn more because he believes that one day he can cut his very own movie.

  • LAEK (ល័ក្ខ)

    LAEK (ល័ក្ខ)

    DIRECTOR: Mony Kann Darung
    PRODUCER: Mony Kann Darung
    COUNTRY: Cambodia

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    SYNOPSIS: When prejudice overcomes, tragic follows.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: Majored in Creative Multimedia, Darung hopes to use his skills in visual arts to enhance his filmmaking skill further. He is now part of the team behind a popular educational youth TV program in Cambodia.



    DIRECTOR: Emmanuel Escalona Jr.
    PRODUCER: Emmanuel Escalona Jr.
    COUNTRY: Philippines

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    SYNOPSIS: Food is life, music is life, food is… music.

    DIRECTOR’S BIO: By day, Emannuel Escalona Jr. is a humble news video editor, taking accounts on cutting, splicing, shredding and researching news feeds. By night, he takes the cape of a filmmaker—his true love, his joy and his passion.

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