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Directed by Jennifer Ross

‘Elevator’ is a suspense/ drama about a single mother, Jenny and her young son, Cody.

Loosely based on the Director’s personal experience, ‘Elevator’ depicts the feeling of panic that ensues when mother and son are unfortunately separated.

Jennifer Ross is from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently working on a film documenting a year in the running of vineyard, Bluestone Acres. ‘Elevator’ is her first short film.


4 Responses to “ELEVATOR”

  1. Sally D says:

    Very clever film – I was totally captivated by the story and the build up to a mother’s nightmare of being separated from her child.

  2. Wendy says:

    Wonderful – what mother hasn’t felt the nightmare of seperation whilst trying to get on with the “everyday things in life”. Congrats Jenny.

  3. Kitty Thomas says:

    I agree with Sally D. Totally captivating.

  4. Sarah H says:

    Excellent and captivating! Well done Jenny.

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