Tropfest Australia 2014 is just around the corner, and we’re encouraging everyone to get out there and start making short films for the festival!
Films can be about anything but must include the annual Tropfest Signature Item (TSI), which for Tropfest Australia 2014 is “MIRROR”.
As always Tropfest is about great stories, told well.

Tropfest was established to encourage production, not just exhibition. Our event is not just about ‘showing’ films – it’s about ‘making’ them. We aim to provide you with the opportunity to showcase your work to as wide an audience as possible, not only with the fantastic premiere your film will receive if selected for Tropfest Australia 2014, but also by utilising a variety of distribution outlets following the festival.


• Your film must be made specifically for Tropfest Australia 2014
• Tropfest Australia 2014 must be your film’s first public screening
• Your film must be no longer than 7 minutes (including titles and credits)
• Your film must contain the 2014 Tropfest Australia Signature Item (TSI) ‘MIRROR’
• Your film must be in 16:9 ratio and PAL format
• Your film must be submitted to Tropfest Australia via our online entry system.
If you have any queries, please contact Tropfest Australia via email at

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Entries will close in very early October, 2014.

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Good Luck with your entry, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
We’re here to help!

Speciifc entry guidelines for the 2014 competition will be available soon, but in the meantime you can download and view the Entry Guidelines for Tropfest Australia 2013 here.