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DIRECTOR: Tim Blackburn & Lyndal Moody
PRODUCER: Lyndal Moody & Tim Blackburn

STATE: QLD, filmed in Toronto, Canada

SYNOPSIS: A girl, unable to tell her boyfriend that she can’t stand his monobrow, uses a unique company to deliver the message for her.

DIRECTOR’S BIO: Tim studied Film and TV at Griffith University before working as an editor/director/general help at a production company and then moving on to be employed as a TV editor in Sydney. He now works in Canada on a working VISA. Born in Gladstone, QLD, Lyndal Moody completed a Bachelor of Digital Media Production in 2006 at Griffith University and moved to Sydney to pursue an editing career. The two directors are also incidentally partners, go figure.


2 Responses to “MONOBROW”

  1. Alex says:

    This one is my favourite.

  2. the McKells says:

    Our favourite movie. Loved the humour and social commentary. We think the Social Frontation would rock! Should be People’s Choice!

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