LET IT RAIN – DSLR Category Winner

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DIRECTOR: Matt Hardie
PRODUCER: Matt Hardie & Chris Byrnes


SYNOPSIS: When it rains, he pours.

DIRECTOR’S BIO: Born in Narrogin, WA, Matt studied a Bachelor of Communication and Cultural Studies at Curtin University and Acting at NIDA. He has worked as a theatre actor for the Belvoir Theatre, performing in Bliss and A Midsummer Night’s Dream and is currently acting in The History Boys at the Sydney Opera House. He is influenced by Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg and Chris Lilley and has directed four films whilst at university between 2002 and 2006.


11 Responses to “LET IT RAIN – DSLR Category Winner”

  1. Roberto says:

    Let it Rain!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    I love this one. Good cast.

  3. Alex says:

    Awesome stuff!

  4. Loved it – well done.

  5. Beno Soundo says:

    Clearly the best film on show

  6. Mel jones says:

    I’m still laughing two days later. Great work!

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  9. bartender fan says:

    beno soundo,

    totally agree. this one blew ‘em away.

    best in show. just not quite pretentious enough to win! the judges did not grasp the profundity of what transpires in this film.

    there is no transience in youth. as a state of mind it can be ageless.

    also, pissbomb.

  10. Ross says:

    So great on so many levels. From Arnie to Dirty Harry and even harking back to Steve Austin,and boy and girl dynamic/relationships in Australian culture. I’m spreading the word. Well done all. How do we get a copy of the film and script? Will pay good money Cassadias! By the way what does Cassadias mean ? Rossco.

  11. Trung Le says:

    I wanna play too, lol

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