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DIRECTOR: Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke
PRODUCER: Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke, Marcus Newman & Daniel Foeldes


SYNOPSIS: Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.

DIRECTOR’S BIO:  Ben has co-written and co-directed The Puppet in 2011, which was shortlisted at Tropfest 2012. He studied Bachelor of Multimedia at Southern Cross University and Directing at NIDA and has worked as producer and within the story team on a number of reality TV shows including Big Brother, Beauty and the Geek and X-Factor. Born in Lismore, he grew up in Sydney and has lived and worked in a number of different countries.

Yolanda wrote and acted in Shelter, 2012 which was the recipient of Metro Screen’s $15 000 Breakout Fund. She studied Bachelor of Screen Production and Digital Media at Griffith University and has worked in a range of roles including on the feature film Australia and TV series Packed to the Rafters, Spirited, At Home With Julia, Big Brother, MasterChef and a number of others. Raised in QLD, she had a brief stint travelling through the US and now lives in Sydney’s Inner West.


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  2. Samantha Webster says:

    This film really moved me!! to think of the extent this father went to to protect his baby wow so clever im a huge fan of this film and i really cant stop thinking about it… Thank you so much for making and sharing this movie!!!

  3. Vicki says:

    This film reminds me of exactly the lengths my husband will go to protect our children. Beautiful……brought a tear to my eye. Congrats!

  4. Tahlia says:

    I thought this short film was absolutely amazing. I think it perfectly pulled the emotions you were seeking to get from the audience.
    Is there any ANY way I can get a copy of it?

  5. Lukas says:

    Heartbreaking beautiful- My Choice for Best Film!

  6. Alex says:

    An unexpected act of love and hope – beautiful – and a Zombie film.

  7. Gina Schien says:

    Yes, my vote for best film as well. Incredibly moving and beautifully nuanced.

  8. Jodi says:

    This film was amazing. Affected me, brought me to tears. Would love a copy of it.

  9. [...] year the finalists were uniformly strong. My favourite was the surprisingly emotional zombie film, Cargo. Who would have thought you could mine fresh material from such an overexposed monster [...]

  10. Shannon says:

    Thank you for all of your kind words folks! I cut this little baby and had a blast. All we can ask for as film-makers is to find an audience who really dig our stuff, and the response so far has been great. @Tahlia – I will ask our lovely producers for you! Plus the film stays on the trop website until next tropfest, so you can watch it whenever you want!

  11. Melissa says:

    This was my favourite of all the films. Very clever, I will remember this if there is ever a zombie apocalypse and I need to keep my babies safe lol!!

  12. Kate says:

    Just cried at the ending on this. What a beautiful film (I never thought I’d say that about a Zombie film).

    Just magic.

  13. phil says:

    fantastic what a creative lot they all are. no words from cast are needed the images and direction are very powerful the ending is just amazing!

  14. Col says:

    Should have won it IMHO.

  15. Angga Bozzo says:

    this is the best. very touching.

  16. Aaron says:


  17. Suncamel says:

    LOVE is greatness!I cried at the ending on this.

  18. 氯原子 says:

    哭死我了……I was deeply moved to tear by this short film.
    Thank you very much!

  19. vlee says:

    Amazing…this short film gives a different view to becoming a zombie…absolutely loved it.

  20. Jie says:


    As a father
    I also has a baby
    I think of It’s not just the continuation of life
    Child is their hope and future

  21. dion says:

    this is awesome and the acting was super not to mention the makeup. not over done with blood and makeup and looks much more realistic and great short story too. posibility of a future full length movie i wonder?

  22. Logan Rollo says:

    Parenting win. Great story and acting. No dialogue makes it hard to convey the emotion and thoughts of the characters, but this film pulled it off. Kudos to the creators, actors and crew. Good luck.

  23. Miya says:

    Wow… Just wow. I’m crying!!! I’m not usually a fan of zombie related things, but this was tastefully done and absolutely moving!!! If this short film doesn’t win, I will be so disappointed. So many emotions from a 8 minute film… I still can’t believe it! Bravo on the storyline – it flows so well and definitely feels well-rounded and complete by the end. Anyone that is a parent can totally understand how deep this film is, and this father and his tough, yet genius, decisions. Just wonderful.

  24. Diana Garcés says:

    An amazing film, tv shows ain’t always like this, it just let me thunderstruck. I hope it will become a movie

  25. Carmela M says:

    I kept on watching it over and over again. This is truly an amazing work. I am not into zombie-thing but this really brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of the bonding me and my father shared when I was little. I am so a daddy’s girl. That’s why this video really amazed and moved me. Kudos!

  26. Chad D says:

    Very touching film. Being a parent of two girls and a boy made this all the more moving for me. A true parent will do ANYTHING to protect their children. This father did it in life as well as in death. Very good clip it should have won.

  27. Igor says:

    I’m from Brazil, and when I saw this short, left a tear in my eye so well written and the direction the story took.

  28. Cliff says:


  29. HF says:

    What Cliff ^ said!!

  30. Wen says:

    Outstanding! Proves that zombie flicks have more impact when they’re about humanity and drama. I absolutely loved it, so much so I’m inspired to continue with my film making goals and also a little discouraged, because you have created perfection, nothing is going to top it!

  31. bex says:

    I am in absolute adoration of this film, and can’t believe it has taken so long for us to cross paths! And after much pestering I finally persuaded my partner that he should watch it too. (Probably not the best ides since our second child has just turned two months!)
    I think it perfectly captures that love and the lengths a parent will go to protect their child, and I defy anyone parent or not, to not be moved by it!

  32. darcy says:

    Saw this on facebook and its the best thing to come through facebook EVER! I wanted more more more! I cried but WANT MORE! IT WAS GREAT! dARCY IN CALIFORNIA USA

  33. James says:

    This movie is excellent, great work and congratulations to those who made it!

    After watching this movie, it has hit me that it would make a perfect ending to a complete movie… Once which follows the disaster and the travels of the family.

    Well done again to you all…! Love it.

  34. Keith says:

    Sir,Why don’t you make this amazing short film into a normal movie or TV series?

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  37. Glen P says:

    I only just found this short film on YouTube after looking up tropes online to pass the time and was very surprised to see that it was not only Australian-made but also contained almost no dialogue at all… yet it is one of the best cinematic pieces I have seen.

    Simplicity and love with the TSI smoothly fitting in as a saving grace piece.

    If this was ever available for digital download I would be another one holding it high as proof of what real cinema art can be, but until then I’ll just keep promoting it by word-of-mouth.

    Well done team.

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