The TSI for 2014 is “PIN”

What you need to know about ‘PIN’

Each film must contain a specific object, known as the TSI (TROPFEST Signature Item). This year’s TROPFEST Arabia’s TSI is ‘PIN’.  We ask you to include the TSI to ensure that your film is exclusively made for TROPFEST Arabia. You can use the ‘TSI’ anyway you choose and interpret ‘PIN’ anyway you like. Be creative!

Some of TROPFEST Arabia’s best films to date included the TSI somewhere in the background of a single shot or scene. Others, like ‘Hard Time’ – a finalist film of TROPFEST Arabia 2013 – have been built entirely around the TSI. Have a look at our website to see how other filmmakers used our previous TSIs



‘TIME’ Click here to watch films.

‘TWO’ Click here to watch films.

‘STAR’ Click here to watch films.

Remember: without the TSI your film is not eligible for entry. So start thinking on how you will incorporate ‘PIN’ into your TROPFEST Arabia film entry!

Past TSI’s

2013 – The “Time”

Tropfest timeTSI EN










2012 – The Number “2″

2012 TSI

The 2012 TROPFEST Arabia Finalists explain the number ’2′ TSI

2011 – The “Star”

2011 TSI