Tropfest Arabia Featured Films

  • Patrick Mouzawak “The Fly”

    The buzz of a fly awakens a man from his sleep. He finds a peaceful demonstration taking place outside of his bedroom window. A series of events leads our antagonist to the realization that he has an unlikely role in controlling the outcome of the protest without him being aware of it.

  • Nourhan Samy “A Moment of Hope”

    A street child longs for a toy he sees in a shop and works diligently to save for it. But when he goes to buy the item, the shop owner refuses and instead sells it to another child with a family. His moment of hope is dashed.

  • Mohamed Islem Cherchali “The Journey”

    Salim, a salesman who dreamed of being a scuba-diver, is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He struggles with pain and despair but as the illness takes hold, he finds hope and remembers his dream. Salim dives into the ocean and swims into the horizon.

  • Haidy Ibrahim “Hope”

    ‘Hope’ is a silent film. It opens showing a man with no arms contemplating a plate of food; a laptop and a guitar – all things he can’t handle in the normal way. But despite his disability, the star of the film is full of hope and smiling. In the closing scene, he juggles a soccer ball.

  • Khulood Alnajjar “The Three Pyjamas”

    Kholoud Alnajjar’s film, ‘The Three Pyjamas’ is a drama portraying one woman’s solution to protect herself from her brother’s harassment.

  • Samer Nsrallah “The Runner”

    Adham is an Olympic gold-medal hurdler and star of world athletics with a succession of records to his name. But today, Adham is suffering with Hemorrhagic Cystitis and his only athletics involve running from his bed to the bathroom at his house in Old Damascus.

  • Fatima Al Dhaheri “Yadi Bardan”

    ‘Yadi Bardan’ follows the journey of Maryam; a 9 year old girl who wakes up in a dark house. A clock on the wall shows that it’s 6 am. Maryam is making a quilt for her grandfather who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Amr Kamal “Numbers”

    Amr Kamal’s film ‘Numbers’ is a short film about how people are depicted on the TV news and in newspapers simply as numbers

  • Peter Aziz Sedki “Daye”

    A young girl whose brother disapproves of her dress is then harassed on a bus. Later, in her bedroom she feels wistful and sad. She notices the clock ticking and then, feeling the warmth of the sunlight through the window, hopeful thoughts transport her to a faraway place by the sea.

  • Fouzia Hassine “The Red Shoes”

    A store worker denies customers the opportunity to buy a pair of red shoes she wants for herself. The store owner finds out and fires her but she buys the shoes anyway. On her way home, a terrorist bomb is activated and she awakes in hospital, asking her mother what happened to her red shoes.

  • Farouk Kassem “Nostalgia”

    A young man prepares to meet his loved one but faces difficulties in arriving to meet her on time, even with all the new technology at his fingertips. These high-tech devices weren’t available many years ago, yet people were still punctual. Is time valued less today?

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Posted in Blog, Homepage Featured on Thursday 21.08.14

John Polson, Tropfest Festival Founder & Director, today announced that Tropfest is looking for a new partner to host the Middle Eastern edition of the world’s largest short film festival. Tropfest Arabia, which spans 33 territories across the Middle East and North Africa, was established in partnership with Abu Dhabi-based media agency twofour54, in 2011.... Read more

Samer Nsrallah Wins TROPFEST Arabia 2013 with ‘The Runner’

Posted in Blog on Sunday 10.11.13

A young Syrian filmmaker has won the third annual edition of TROPFEST Arabia. Samer Nsrallah was awarded first prize by a judging panel of five celebrities from around the Middle East and North Africa, including: Emirati filmmaker Ali F. Mustafa; Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk; Syria’s popular actor Basel Khayat; renowned Kuwaiti actor Khaled Amin; and... Read more

Pop Star Ramy Ayach live on Abu Dhabi’s Corniche during TROPFEST Arabia 2013 on Nov. 8

Posted in Blog on Tuesday 05.11.13

Ramy Ayach and Raya Abirached will join co-Director Yusra and celebrity judges, filmmakers and film fans for the third edition of TROPFEST Arabia  TROPFEST Arabia, part of the world’s largest short film festival, has announced today that the award-winning Lebanese Pop Star Ramy Ayach will be giving a concert of his latest and most popular... Read more

One week to go for TROPFEST Arabia Festival

Posted in Blog on Friday 01.11.13

One week left for TROPFEST Arabia to take place on Abu Dhabi Corniche. We hope you have reached your final stage of preparing your films. Till now, we have received many entries from across the MENA region including Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Morocco and more! Wonderful prizes will await you, but first you have to submit... Read more